Treasure Hunt Snorkel (Lunch)


Adult: $79 USD
Children: $37.50 USD

Now its the time to scream!

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Treasure Hunter Snorkel

EXPLORE, SNORKEL AND SAIL LIKE A PIRATE. Discover the best way to enjoy a day: on the water. Cabo has been home to pirates since the 1500’s. We cruise back into time aboard our 100 foot wooden early 1900’s pirate sailboat showing you the world famous arch while telling tall tales about Cabo history and the pirates that sailed its seas. Strike our real working sails and drop anchor to get quality time with the Tropical fish. After you walk the plank to snorkel, enjoy yummy beef & chicken burrtos, guacamole, chips, salads… not to mention the open bar. Grog (pirate rum punch), Mai tai, margaritas, lots of juices for the kids, you call it. We mix some Baja stories and a lot of fun. Ideal space for those looking to get lose, relax and act like a real pirate for a day. Enjoy great music, fun and hands on activities with the crew until we return to the dock!


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